Greater hitting consistency. Eliminate bat sting. Prevent bat damage.

Simply Microwave and Go!

The Bat Warmer is really easy to use, simply microwave and go! Once it is heated, it lasts for 4-6 hours and the heating element can be used over and over. The sleeve folds for easy storage and zips closed with fence clip! Team logos, and graphics can easily be silk screened upon warmer bag.
Microwavable Bat Warmer

How To Use

  1. Place Heating Element in Microwave oven on paper towel & follow recommended heating times (vary according to Microwave).
  2. When finsihed, slide Heating Element in Bat Warmer bag lengthwise beneath the two web strap holders inside.
  3. Zip shut Bat Warmer bag 3/4 way, insert softball or baseball bat (one size fits all), then zip Bat Warmer bag completely shut.
  4. After batting, return same bat to same Bat Warmer bag for maximum efficiency.
Once heated, Heating Element will retain heat for several hours.
Each package contains one patented microwaveable Bat Warmer bag with one Microcore ® heating element (bat not included). Detailed instructions are provided.

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The PyroFlite Bat Warmer has been endorsed, allowed or approved by players, coaches, leagues of most all associations across the well as over a dozen associations themselves.

#1 in the world

  • Better hitting consistency!
  • Helps prevent bat cracking & denting!
  • Keeps bat at manufactures recommended temperature!
  • An absolute must-have for batting practice!
  • Keeps bat flexible as designed by the bat manufacturer!
  • Eliminates bat sting and vibration!
  • Increased confidence! - (especially in cool weather play)
  • For both baseball, softball bats! - Composite, scandium, aluminum, and wood bats.
  • Will not harm bats or bat warranty!
  • Heating element can be used over and over!


ORDER NOW! $39.97Pyroflite Microwavable Bat Warmer

Removed bat sting 100%
"I bought one of your bat warmers a couple of weeks ago. My daughter plays 14U fastpitch and swings a Catalyst fpc205 composite. She was keeping the bat in her equipment bag in our garage which stays about 55 degrees or so in the winter. She was hitting in a 65 degree batting cage, and getting teeth-rattling bat sting. There is absolutely no doubt, this product removed 100% of her bat sting...."


This product is the REAL DEAL
"... Since I have been using it I have not Broke or Dented any bats. I have been playing softball for 12 years now, 4 at the top level of softball and have seen or tried out products and this one is the real deal. I would recommend every softball player to use it if they want the maximum efficiency out of a bat."

Scott Brown # 93
Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton, Easton Sports, 2003 World Softball League MVP, 10 All World Tournament Awards, 2001 USSSA AA MVP and Home Run Champion, 7 NIT MVP's, 30 NIT All Tournament Selections.