Say Hello To Your Bat’s New Bodyguard!

With the Microwaveable PyroFlite Bat Warmer being the best Natural way to heat up their game, hitters across the Country say the same thing time and time again, "Wow! A hot bat on a cold day!" Anyone who truly understands hitting knows the importance of a flexible bat.

Why? A flexible bat, especially in cool weather, allows a player to maintain better hitting consistency. Heat not only keeps the vibration out of the bat, it protects your aluminum bat from denting & your composite bat from cracking or breaking the fibers on the inside of the bat due to cold temperatures. It's those cracks on the inside of the bat you can't see that cause the damage first....that will result in dead hits on the field.


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** New and Improved **
Bigger Straps for Bigger Packs!

Reviews & Testimonials

A Hot Bat on a Cold Day!

“The first night I took it out and players couldn’t believe what they saw and felt….a hot bat in sub 60 degree weather….and the feeling the batter got was not one of a “dull jarring effect” but more like what they expect from an expensive bat….

New Zealand National Batting Champ
and Catcher/Pitcher for Eddie Feigners’ “The King and His Court” 4 Man Fastpitch Team.

USSSA Endorsed

“USSSA is looking forward to working with PyroFlite and helping all of our players play the best game they can regardless of the playing temperature.“

Don DeDonatis
USSSA Execu- tive Director and CEO.


#1 in the world

  • Better hitting consistency!
  • Helps prevent bat cracking & denting!
  • Keeps bat at manufactures recommended temperature!
  • An absolute must-have for batting practice!
  • Keeps bat flexible as designed by the bat manufacturer!
  • Eliminates bat sting and vibration!
  • Increased confidence! - (especially in cool weather play)
  • For both baseball, softball bats! - Composite, scandium, aluminum, and wood bats.
  • Highly recommended for bats from these bat manufacturers:
    Anderson*, Combat*, Demarini*, Easton*, Louisville Slugger*, Mattingly*, Miken*, Mizuno*, Nike*, Rawlings*, TPS*, TPX*, Wilson*, Worth*, etc.
  • Will not harm bats or bat warranty!
  • Easy to use, simply microwave and go!
  • Once heated lasts for 4-6 hours!
  • Heating element can be used over and over!
  • Team logos, etc. can be easily silk screened upon warmer bag!
  • Folds for easy storage, zip closer with fence clip!
  • Jet Fast Priority shipping! - (Usually 2 to 3 days)

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